5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Contract Job

5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Contract Job

14 Oct 09:00 by Dwight Hijastro


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With the rise in technological advances, there has been an increasing demand for contract jobs across all sectors worldwide. Data shows that there has been a growing number of people opting for contract jobs nowadays.

Most of them belonging to the younger generation. However, regardless of this growing acceptance in contracting, there are still a lot of people who consider it as second-rate employment. This is evident in the low competition rate in contract jobs despite high demands. The main reason behind this is that there are still significant number of people whose main consideration of having a job is stability.

However, based on studies, there are different facets that should be taken into account before taking on a job. This includes pay rates, flexibility, and workload, to mention a few. Similar factors are also being weighed in determining a person’s job satisfaction. With the changing economic and labor climate, we are expecting that there will be more people to consider contracting.

Here are 5 benefits of contract jobs and why it should no longer be considered as a lower class job.

  1. Testing out employers

Being in a contract job gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the company, experiencing first hand its culture and its system without being tied to it. Learning the working environment of the company will help you decide whether or not you are fit for this kind of business and management style. It allows you to weigh things first. And later on, when you decide that it is not the job for you, your consolation is that at least it is only for the time being. It’s like starting with a little step before you eventually take the big leap.

Another thing is most of the companies that hire contract workers are those that are already well-established - whose reputation they have to keep. Hiring contract workers is cost-efficient for them. It saves them a lot of time for payroll management and money for the benefits. Being hired with them actually allows you to work with big people in the industry. This will look good in your resume for future work reference. 

  1. Establishing Professional Connections

You can never help but meet a lot of people when you get to have one job after the other. Building new relationships will broaden your circle and network. Also, having valuable connections can help you in your career path and professional journey. Most often than not, you get new job opportunities because of your previous commitments. 

Compared to those in full-time positions, you have limited interaction with other workers. Your tasks are do not necessarily require you to deal with others, so you are also saved from company politics. Sometimes, work stress is not necessarily because of your workload but rather because of the unhealthy workplace dynamic. Having a temporary work arrangement saves you from so much office drama.       


  1. Higher monthly salary

This may come as a surprise since there are a lot of negative opinions regarding contract jobs. But actually, most of these jobs pay more than the regular permanent jobs. The reason behind this is that since you are not given some of the usual benefits that a permanent employee enjoys, companies compensate you through higher pay. If you are lucky enough, you might end up in a company that gives the same salary range and benefits to their contract workers and their permanent workers.

In other arrangements, you can negotiate with your pay depending on the skill set needed for the said job. This way, you can quote for a higher rate if they require a more complicated or tedious task. You should always check the provisions of the contract before sealing the deal. This way, you get to protect yourself from exploitation. 

  1. Work Flexibility

Unlike in permanent jobs where you have a fixed time, in contract job arrangements, you are given more freedom to schedule your tasks and manage your time. So if you are a finishing school or merely waiting for the right job, but needs to earn, this can be the perfect setup for you. You will be able to balance your life while still being able to learn and earn. As long as you are determined to acquire and develop new skills, you are most likely to get the job.

Also, depending on the nature of your work, you can take on as many jobs as you can handle. You can even be mobile with your work since some work agreements do not require you to be in a specific workplace.

  1. Gaining New Skills

It can be very exciting to take on a new job every now and then. You can expose yourself to various people -- from the bosses you deal with to the people you work with. Through these exposures, you get to learn new skills, may it be technical skills or life skills. It will allow you to do things which you probably never imagined you’d be able to do. All the knowledge you gain from these experiences is actually a big advantage when you take on more challenging roles in the future.

This is perhaps the greatest advantage of contract jobs. Since you are exposed to different people and different tasks which require a different set of skills, you get to educate yourself and learn. These changes teach you to be more adaptive in diverse situations.  Being able to do so is an important skill not just to survive in the workplace, but in life.

Still not sure? Talk to us.

At Geco Asia, we regularly keep in touch with our contract professionals whom we’ve placed in various companies. When it’s time for a new challenge, we have another job ready for you. If you are confident enough with your skills and capabilities, there is no need to run after opportunities or worry about budgeting. Connect with us to learn more about contracting works and explore new contract jobs in Asia.

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