Get to know GECO

The GECO Story

It started in the autumn of year 2006. Setup as an Asian arm of a leading German IT Expert Leasing Company (GECO-Group), the company aimed to offer flexibility with reliability to the IT Projects marketplace. Ever since then, we bring together those who fit together – professionals and projects – to the complete satisfaction of everyone involved. We strongly believe that one person's professional skills always benefit two people: the one who has them and the one who is looking for them.

Reliability is our strength. All our customers feel we bring a 'vital advantage' to their business with our Speed of Response, Quality Assurance, and Flexibility.

Since 2018, we operate as an independent Singapore-based company serving our global client base.

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We are a leader in sourcing and placing Digital Transformation experts in Asia and we process thousands of project resourcing needs in IT every year. We use a combination of modern technologies and a team of experienced consultants to match exacting role specifications to perfectly suited IT professionals.

We are most known in the Asia Pacific marketplace for SAP resources. Most recently we have expanded our coverage to all Digital Transformation skill networks. Our solution portfolio comprises of: