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GECO Asia is a specialist IT Consulting / Resourcing firm with 100% focus on Digital Transformation skills. We deliver value to our clients by offering flexibility for your project hiring needs.

Our high quality IT Consultants work with highest levels of efficiency to deliver value with integrity.

We are best known in 
Asia Pacific market as a quality provider of specialist SAP Consultants and Digital Transformation Experts.

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    Our Customers

    Our customers know us as a reliable IT Partner for high quality consultants who can deliver challenging projects in select areas of IT expertise.  As one of the niche IT resourcing companies in Asia Pacific we offer projects in various engagement models - regular employees, freelancers, contractors as well as a possibility for direct hire with our key customers. Common to all engagement models is our assurance on your satisfaction.  Start your project search here TODAY!

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    Our Consultants

    Ambitious IT projects require ambitious IT Consultants. Such consultants are a scarce commodity, especially in the IT sector. The realization of your ambitious and innovation projects is at risk. With GECO Asia, you can expect just-in-time delivery of exceptional consultants who can help realize your innovative project ideas. We offer various models with flexbility to minimize your risks. Get in touch with us for your IT Project Requirements.

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Join us. We offer you prospects.  

For us, the greatest success is the success of our customers. And that is not a matter of chance, but is provided by the quality and motivation of our employees. Check out our open and current project assignments here!